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Car Window Tinting

Car Window Tinting

A vehicle is an investment that is expensive. Window tinting is the best option if you want the protection you need from the sun and from any theft being committed since clear windows give a criminal visibility to all of your belongings left behind. Without any tinting you also are exposed to mother natures UV rays and not protecting yourself from the sun can be damaging in the long run for yourself and your family click on the link below and find out more.

Window Tinting in about few hours.

The Windows Tinting Techs are Certified Professionals, trained to manufacturer’s specifications and we are a certified 3M shop. We provide limited warranties on all tinting as well as with Paint protection films.

Car Window Tinting

3M Automotive Window Film

3M first patented window film in 1966 and has been leading the industry ever since. Purchased for style and comfort, 3M offers a window film to
meet every client’s need and budget.

3M Obsidian

3M Obsidian Automotive Window Film is a metal-free entry-level dyed carbon film that is unlike any other dyed carbon film. 3M uses its patented “Infuse Technology” to bond the black carbon
particles to the polyester film. For the consumer, that means richer color, increased performance, and greater color stability. Backed by a national lifetime warranty, Obsidian is perfect for the consumer who seeks performance at a budget-friendly price.

3M Obsidian

3M Ceramic IR

3M Ceramic IR Automotive Window Film is the ultimate in performance and style. It is made of nano-ceramic particles added to polyester film to provide a great factory color match to a vehicle’s rear tinted windows. Its nano-ceramic construction allows for up to 95% infrared heat rejection (900-1,000 nm), helping to keep the car’s interior cool. Backed by a national lifetime warranty, Ceramic IR is for the consumer that wants the ultimate balance between looks and heat rejection.

mm Tinting

3M Crystalline

3M Crystalline is unlike any other automotive window film in that it is made of over 200 metal-free nano-layers of polyester yet is thinner than a Post-it Note. These nano-layers allow Crystalline to block out 99% of the sun’s infrared heat (900-1,000 nm) in order to keep the vehicle’s cabin cool without darkening its windows and maintaining the vehicle’s original appearance. It is perfect for the family car that transports kids and pets, K-9 law enforcement, or the driver that seeks protection from harmful UV rays. Backed by a national lifetime warranty, Crystalline is for the consumer who wants the best in technology and performance.